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danceposa said…
Hi I am so glad to have found your page. I have been a ballroom dancer for 30 yesrs i na past life but for the last 13 solely a devoted tanguero. Have started to look more closely at Tango Vals and a simple question still remains largely unaswered or suitably explained in laymans terms. Every time I join a Tango Vals class Without exception the teacher always "counts in students with 1234. I feel bemused, but dont want to hold up the class with my question as why not count students in with 123 in Vals classes. I need (and so do most of my friends) a simple explanation of the correlation of the phrase still being considered 4 counts.I am musicslly trained to grade 6 piano in my past so any examples ss such will not go over my head. I also understand that a lot of triples occur in some Vals music. Count diagrams ec would be useful. Funnily enough Ifound the Vals cruzado something I dance quite naturally robably due to me having been proficient in Viennese Waltz. rgds danceposa
Tango Therapist said…
Danceposa, you have found "Tango-Beat" which was my first blog platform. A NYC blog trademarked Tango Beat and I changed to Tango-therapist.blogspot.com. You can also reach me at mark.word1@gmail.com. My earlier posts on understanding the vals cruzado continue on the new blog. It is an exciting theme for me, but less so for many readers; so I am delighten to know that this has your interest.

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