Tango's Archetypal Leader

A continued discussion on leading and following . . .

Archetypal leaders are unique.

In the Jungian sense, the archetypal leader is primal, a single leader whom others emulate. Plato would say the archetypal leader is the "substance of all leaders," and mortal leaders are mere shadows of that substance.

Who is the archetypal leader in tango? La Música.  In dance classes we talk in very technical, prosaic terms about roles (leader/follower).  The language of art, feeling poetry perhaps must or should put aside in oder to better describe what each person is supposed to do.  We talk about duties of "leadership."   But in trying to be empirical and exact, I believe we have sacrificed the magic, the art and the poetry of tango.  Somehow "leader/follower" become the terms that best describe our magical roles.  I question the poetry of these terms, or even the exactitude of these terms.  If indeed the music is the archetypal one-of-a-kind leader in tango, now we …

La Música dirije, seis tocan

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La Música Dirije, Seis Tocan 
El bandoneonista toca con tanta pasión, Me pregunto si en el éxtasis o el dolor.  Él y el guitarrista,      la violinista,         el pianista            y nosotros, dos bailarines, somos un sexteto. Tocamos sobre el piso pequeño de la cantina En nuestro trance hipnótico colectiva, cuatro más dos, Juntos damos vida a los puntitos de tinta en el papel De un compositor que lloró al oírlo la primera vez Su tango pintado en el aire, que nos mueve ahora a bailar. La Música había forzado su mano para escribir. Ahora él ve a su arte rozar con el arco del violín. Llora el compositor mientras el pianista martilla la forma De un tango sobre el Yunque del Muse de Harmonía. La Música se calienta el acero del fuego de la emoción - Pasión, avivó el fuelle del bandoneón, Y trajo a la vida por nuestro sexteto, nosotros seis. Mi tanguera y yo esculpimos un tango visual, Un baile dirigido por la Músi…

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Tango-Beat, my blog, has a new name.

Since 2009 I have been writing a blog, which I thought would be more about music and especially rhythms of tango. Sure, I have written on this, but rarely. It is time for a change, especially because a company called Tango Beat has full rights to that name.

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PS.  If you read the comments, my blog was nearly named "Tango Iconoclast."  However, I decided on "Tango Therapist" over "Tango Iconoclast." because I am perhaps the opposite of this.  As a few people have pointed out, I am not up to the task of being an iconoclast.  That's hard work!  And much of what I promulgate is a return to traditional tango because of its therapeutic effect in contrast to an every-increasing love of show-tango and tango…