Los Códigos / Tango Etiquette Made Easy

Tango Etiquette
The finer points of tango culture
by Mark Word

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Tango Etiquette Table of Contents:

Chapter One:  Preparation for the milonga
Chapter Two: Arriving at the milonga
Chapter Three: On the dance floor (including Floorcraft)
Chapter Four:  Near the tables
Chapter Five:  To and from the dance floor
Chapter Six:  After the milonga

Appendix A  

Tango Etiquette Links:
  • A shorter version "Los Códigos" from Buenos Aires
  • Things you should know if you are going to visit Buenos Aires.
  • Insightful link from a tanugera on the "cabeceo."
  • Other links on Tango Etiquette in English

Appendix B is for beginners:
Please go to the bottom of this article if your are new to tango!
  • Beginners orientation
  • A glossary of tango terms (link)

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