Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tango Praying Hands (poem)

Tango Praying Hands

One hand is yours;
One hand is mine.
Our prayer is to connect.
Our hearts pound together.

We hear the external music,
But listen for an internal beat,
Waiting for moments of stillness
So our heartbeat can be felt.

We form a cathedral door,  apilado --
A human arch, moving to sacred music,
With rhythmic roots in Africa,
Heavenly harmonies from Europe.

We congregate to celebrate life,
Unafraid to embrace even a stranger,
In a world which vainly seeks connection
By phone and computer for fear of touch.

Will you pray with me?
It's a prayer that has two hearts
Put close together in the hopes
That our spirits will do the same.

We do not pray that heaven soon come,
Because it has found us for the moment.
Our hands together is the eternal now;
Such is the tango prayer.

Congregation of believers in Denver

Photo credit:

Congregation (Denver Milonga 2010) -- Mark Word


Eileen said...

What a lovely thought!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mark for this...
Also love the photo of the tango temple.