Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tango-Beat Blog's Last Entry

Tango-Beat, my blog, has a new name.

Since 2009 I have been writing a blog, which I thought would be more about music and especially rhythms of tango. Sure, I have written on this, but rarely. It is time for a change, especially because a company called Tango Beat has full rights to that name.

The new name of my blog is:

I have a new entry there already, called the Essence of Tango, because as I was moving over my blog to the new name, it was a draft I accidentally published.

PS.  If you read the comments, my blog was nearly named "Tango Iconoclast."  However, I decided on "Tango Therapist" over "Tango Iconoclast." because I am perhaps the opposite of this.  As a few people have pointed out, I am not up to the task of being an iconoclast.  That's hard work!  And much of what I promulgate is a return to traditional tango because of its therapeutic effect in contrast to an every-increasing love of show-tango and tango-as-tourism.  I promote the ideat ideat that a man and a woman taking full responsibility for being present in a dance.  This notion is not iconoclastic but the return to the sacred icon that has been shattered by the same producers (or mentality) that is behind "Dancing with the Stars."


Anonymous said...

A pity that you need to change your blog name Mark.

I'm not sure about "Tango Iconoclaust"

In Greek it means a sacred "image destroyer/hater".

In English it has a less intense vaguer meaning.. But that the Greek remains the basic meaning.

Thinking about Tango Therapist as a name has a connotation that you ( a leader) are the therapist when dancing tango.. But my own experience is that both follower & leader are part of a healing therapuetic process.

Bill in Oz

Tango Therapist said...

Bill... yes, I am very aware of the Greek meaning, but it actually has an "out of the box thinker" meaning now. You have been an excellent sounding board for me, Bill. So that does it. Being a tango therapist has the longest meaning, although I started out as the tango theologian. Words sometimes confuse; so I changed to the lesser "tango therapist." In therapy I reject the word "trauma" as having something to do with with psychological hurt (the Greek word "tragedy" is for that); so it makes NO SENSE for me to not pay attention to the roots of the word "iconoclast" (breaker of sacred icons). Thanks, Bill. Perhaps this makes you the last to comment on Tango-Beat. Saludos, mi Amigo en Australia.