Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trade-Mark TangoBeat from NYC

Update:  8 July 2014

My new address is

A tanguero from NYC started a company, and threatened lawsuits if I continued using the name we were both using at first.  I was glad to give him his valuable name that he bought because I write without commercials, without selling classes or my service. 

You may no longer be able to find this NYC company.   Then  My tango blog started as "Tango-Beat" and inadvertently was using a similar name ""  If you were looking for TangoBeat from NYC, please visit them to help their business.  The are at TangoBeat(TM).

However, if you are searching for the tango blog that focuses on musicality and the psychology of tango, my blog now has a new name with all the old articles:  The Tango-Therapist:  If you are looking for a particular article from my old web site, please put the name of the article in the top left search machine and it will take you there.  A list of the most popular posts are below at the bottom of this post.

Here is what the TangoBeat company page used to look like: 

Here are a few of the most popular articles now at my new blog address:

Tango Etiquette (a permanent page on the right column of blog).
Being Great:  In your dreams, Tanguero
Follower:  A job without promotion (a new revision April 2012)
Good Tango Karma
Tango and the Music of the Spheres

If the Cello could play the Violin

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