Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Frog and the Scorpion

Frog and Scorpion
(The tango version, by Mark Word)

The great forest milonga was about to begin....

While Frog was sitting on the bank of a river, he was approached by Scorpion. Just as Frog was about to flee, Scorpion called out in her alluring voice, "Wait! Please, Frog, carry me across the river on your back! I have no other way to the milonga tonight!"

Frog, shocked by such an outlandish request, replies, "Why should I carry you across the river? You would most certainly sting me with your intoxicating tail and mark up my back with your stilettos. My tango partner would certainly kill me when she sees me intoxicated and scratches on my back!"

Sensual Scorpion says, "You are right about that; it is my nature to sting and leave my stigmata. So true, Frog. Can’t argue with that."

However, having been duely warned by Scorpion herself that it was her nature to sting and leave her marks, Frog assessed her as a kind-hearted -- although dangerous --creature.

So Frog fearing both the wrath of his partner and the danger of Scorpion says, "Then take off your tango shoes and pull off the end of your tail, for you will grow another.  Then I will assist you on your quest to go to the milonga."

Scorpion, knowing her own nature, agreed with this logic, and without delay complied with Frog's request.

Frog took Scorpion to the other side of the river and they parted friends.

Frog returned to his warm rock, and sat there staring at the end of Scorpion's tail as he waited for his partner to arrive.

Shortly thereafter, the Frog's tanguera returned, and said, "My God, I leave you for just an hour, and you already have been off getting a little tail from a hot, stiletto-clad scorpion.  Men!"

Morale of the story (alternative 1): Things start going bad when you ask a woman to take off her tango shoes.

Morale of the story (alternative 2):  First the tail.  Then dance with her until she takes off her own shoes on her own volition.

The original story goes like this:

"A frog was sitting on the bank of a river when he was approached by a scorpion. Just as the frog was about to flee, the scorpion called out, "Wait! Please carry me across the river on your back! I have no other way home!"

The frog, shocked by such an outlandish request, replied, "Why should I carry you across the river? You would most certainly sting me, and I'd die!"

The scorpion replied thoughtfully and logically, "If I stung you, then we would both die. Why would I want that? So please, will you carry me across the river?"

The frog thought about it and agreed that the scorpion's logic was sound. He allowed the scorpion to climb on to his back and began to swim across the river.

Half way across the river the scorpion stung the frog. The frog exclaimed as they both began to sink, "Why? Why did you sting me? Now we'll both drown!"

The scorpion replied only, "I'm a scorpion. It is my nature."

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Mari said...

I definitely like your version better. And not *just* because there are tango shoes in it. :P